In addition to my own projects I also work with companies and organizations, offering the following services:

  • Drawings and illustrations to aid in visualizing (complex) facts
  • Illustrations for presentations, (company) concepts, events etc.
  • Contract work for internal and external business projects and occasions (restructuring, announcements, advertising, etc.)

For many people, pictures are more easy to access and to understand than an explanation in pure text form. Drawings create an individual and emotional connection, can enliven otherwise dry content and thus serve the purpose of transporting messages clearly and precisely, yet dynamically.

Are you interested, do you already have a concrete idea, or are you asking yourself if my work could be interesting for your business? Use the contact form of my website and let’s start a conversation!


References and Testimonals of:

Deutsche Bahn LogoCollaboration with the Idea Management of Deutsche Bahn (German Railways).



Physio Park Logo


Collaboration with the company Physiopark from Berlin.





Collaboration with St. Christophorus Berlin.

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