Christmas is around the corner. For many of us a time of gathering, connection and abundance. At the same time the opportunity to create space. For contemplation, moments of quiet and for new things, which … Read more


Two months since my last post, one month since I finished my yog teacher training. A wonderful time. New things arised, are about to form, to build and to set. Maybe like a dream in … Read more


Life is exciting!!! At least sometimes. In any case, it is for me right now. Because: this week I’m going to start my training as a yoga teacher. As some of you know, yoga has … Read more


Wheather in flow, as if by itself, unexpected, longed for, or worked hard for. By day and by night. By walking, standing, laying, together or alone. In all areas of life, all living conditions, in … Read more

All one matrix

Everyone can believe what he or she wants. I believe that everything is connected. Some things more subtle than others. But still: nothing stands alone and nothing is without impact.  


Not always obvious and fully present, instead almost imperceivable now and again, but always there. Delicate in the background, or only perceivable with eyes closed. And then again clear, highly visible. Always, everywhere, all the … Read more