Between here and there

Do you know the feeling or experience of being present but having a hunch of things to come? Something that’s starting to show itself, even if it’s not totally within reach yet. Maybe it’s even connected with a feeling of anticipation, the shimmer of a positive development. A transitory area. Which you can neither slow down nor speed up. A good feeling if one succeeds in allowing that sensation, awaiting the things that may come.

My intention for the Boom-Series was originally to present pictures with a title. Without explanatory text. To leave room for interpretation. Over the last weeks and months though I realized that I would like to add a few sentences here and there. Without wanting to limit your room of interpretation but to incorporate some of my thoughts. So for the future posts I would like to leave myself the option of an additional text and I hope you’ll enjoy the coming illustrations of mine!

Between here and there - Illustration, Copyright: Annika Baacke

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