Grand Opening Announcement

I would like to invite you to the opening of my exhibition on March 18th 2018! Opening is at 3pm at Villa Mittelhof, Königstr. 42-43, 14163 Berlin.The exhibition Horizons deals with the dimensions of width, surface and landscape. Abstract and yet familiar, the images reflect a perception of nature that is always unique and at the same time very universal. Layers, nuances and transitions of color let your gaze wander and rest. In the distance. On the surface. At the horizon.

Exhibition period is from 18.03. – 03.06.2018 at Villa Mittelhof. Feel free to share the information with people who might be interested.


Between the times

2017 is behind us. Almost at least. A full year. Full of minutes, hours and days. Filled. Sometimes more and sometimes less. From brightly colored to gloomy melancholy. Shadows, shades. And light. Changes. Small and big. Some things completed, others just now imaginable. And that’s why it’s so exciting. The coming. The new. Again and again. May wonderful new adventures await you. Experiences. Unknown. Or old in a new guise. Have a good start to the new year. 2018!

Between the times - Illustration, Copyright: Annika Baacke


Christmas is around the corner. For many of us a time of gathering, connection and abundance. At the same time the opportunity to create space. For contemplation, moments of quiet and for new things, which await us next year. Space so that we do not only connect with others, but also with ourselves. So that what moves us and what we desire can unfold its magic. I wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Space - Illustration, Copyright: Annika Baacke


Two months since my last post, one month since I finished my yog teacher training. A wonderful time. New things arised, are about to form, to build and to set. Maybe like a dream in the middle of waking up. Powerful images that accompany us. During the day and into the next night. Doors are opened. Ideas freed up. Possibilities visible. Makeable. And experienceable.

So far the rhythm was: every Tuesday. This will change for the time being. I will draw and I will post. But not on fixed days and times. So it remains a surprise. For me. And for you.

Formation - Illustration, Copyright: Annika Baacke


Life is exciting!!! At least sometimes. In any case, it is for me right now. Because: this week I’m going to start my training as a yoga teacher. As some of you know, yoga has been an important part of my life for several years now. For me it means strength, balance, breath. Breathing deeply. Being with oneself. Coming to oneself. To perceive, accept and sometimes grow beyond boundaries. Establish, maintain and regain connection. On the mat and in life.
To be able to fully embrace the new, there will be a little break for a while here. Maybe also a kind of deep breathing. To then be able to express the things with new impressions and a fresh perspective. Until then I send you many greetings and wish you a great time!

Yoga - Illustration, Copyright: Annika Baacke


Wheather in flow, as if by itself, unexpected, longed for, or worked hard for. By day and by night. By walking, standing, laying, together or alone. In all areas of life, all living conditions, in all colors, all forms. Always there, but not always visible, tangible, conprehensible. Opportunities, always, again and again, anywhere. Wonderful when it hits you, one can sense it, fell, see, think it. On a large and small scale. Inspiration.

Inspiration - Illustration, Copyright: Annika Baacke

Where do the beginning and end separate?

In the world and underneath the stars, the vastness seems boundless. A gaze can only guess where time takes us. Not quite clear where one thing begins and the other ends. Beginning and end as one, as a whole, as a cycle. Sad and comforting at the same time. Alas, everything is always in continuous transition.

Where do the beginning and end separate? - Illustration, Copyright: Annika Baacke

On the journey

Sometimes you don’t know whether it pushes or pulls you, but you have a clear path. Almost automatically. Attracted or led, definitely perceivable, it is THE direction it’s supposed to go now.

On the journey - Illustration, Copyright: Annika Baacke

When is the right moment?

There are moments that are made to linger. To wait, watch, admire. To process and to realign. But how do you know that the time has come to release? To jump? Maybe it’s more of a hunch. A feeling. And then an impulse. Irresistible, irretrievable. From one moment to the next.

When is the right moment? - Illustration, Copyright: Annika Baacke


There is usually little to find on the surface. However, in the depths arises a view, insight and perhaps even a long view, which is always worth the effort.

Courage - Illustration, Copyright: Annika Baacke