About me

comic figur dancing on colorful watercolor blots - Source: Annika Baacke

I was born, grew up and still live in: Berlin.

I studied art history and wrote my doctorate theses addressing the theme Photography Between Art and Documentation. Along side this academic aspect, it was always important to me to pursue the creation of my own art. I mainly use Drawings and Photography as a means of communication and expressive possibility to address themes, big and small, that I come across in every day life.

I derive great joy in discovering myself and observing, get to know, and studying the world around me in order to even slightly increase my understanding. I believe that everything is connected… the highs and lows, the corners and edges, you and me, left and right, sweet and sour, beginning and end, the circular, and maybe even A and Z.

I: love nature. Good food makes me happy. A life without Yoga is not something I want to even picture. And and life without music is not a question. The entirety of life is: Inspiration.